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Fillmore's former Deputy City Manager, Bill Bartels, had good things to say about our company. Read about it in this article from the Ventura County Star.

"..they're on time, under budget and in a couple of areas ahead of schedule," Bartels said. "This contractor is so good, he's far enough ahead that if an issue comes to the table, we can kick it around and his crew keeps moving forward."
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We were featured in an article for CalContractor Magazine describing our work at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

"..They perform nearly every aspect of their work with their own manpower and are able to provide an owner or agency with a complete, seamless package. From hydro electric and sewage treatment plants, to concrete skateboard parks, Lash Construction has built an excellent reputation over the years for high quality workmanship.."
Read the article in its entirety at calcontractors.com.